Traveling to Maui for a vacation is a dream come true for many people. But as much as the vacation is exciting, it can also be quite stressful when it comes to returning your rental car at the airport before your departure. As hard as it is to rationalize leaving this Pacific wonderland, there is a major league long travel day ahead of you and when the countdown to your airline departure is on the clock, timing your car rental return is not only essential, it’s critical.

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Car Rental Return Requirements

For your review, here is a standard outline of the processes and tasks you need to do before returning your rental car at the Kahului airport on Maui: A reminder of the additional costs associated with renting a car from a major airport.

  1. Plan your airport travel commute accordingly – Are you driving from Kapalua or Kihei. Is there traffic along the way. Do your pre-travel research and check the Waze traffic app or your Iphone Maps or Google Maps App for current Maui traffic conditions. For road closures and further news information check out Maui News Now
  2. Fill up the gas tank – Most rental car companies require you to return the car with a full gas tank. Failing to do so may result in additional fees.
  3. Clean the car – Before returning the car, you need to remove all trash, vacuum the interior, and clean any spills or stains. If the car is excessively filled with beach sand or dirty, you may be charged a cleaning fee.
  4. Check for damages – It is important to inspect the car for any damages, scratches, or dents before returning it. If you notice any new damage, you need to report it to the rental car company before leaving.
  5. Return the car on time – Be sure to return the car at the scheduled time to avoid late fees.
  6. Shuttle train to the airport – After returning the car, you need to catch the shuttle train to the main Kahului airport terminal where ticketing is located. This can be stressful, especially if you are running late.

Maui Rental Cars | Delivery & Pickup Benefits

Now, imagine a Maui car rental service where all of the numerous tasks above can be completed in your own time, at your own pace. This is where Island EV Rentals comes in. Island EV Rentals offers a convenient and stress-free rental car delivery and pickup service. Here are the reasons why you should consider having your rental car delivered to your Maui vacation rental, condominium, hotel or resort:

  1. Time-saving – With Island EV Rentals, you do not have to worry about traveling to the airport to pick up or drop off your rental car. This can save you valuable time during your vacation. We will meet you the day before or day of your rental return and pick up your vehicle. Taking a shuttle, taxi or Uber to the Kahului airport is a big time saver versus returning a rental car and having to go with the rental return procedure. Not to mention walking and taking the train to the ticketing counters.
  2. Convenience – Island EV Rentals delivers your rental car directly to your resort, making it convenient and hassle-free. Prepaid vehicle charging, fuel fill-up and automated digital damage reports make the checkout process a breeze.
  3. Flexibility – You can arrange for the delivery and pickup of your rental car at a time that suits you, making it easy to plan your itinerary.
  4. Avoid airport fees – Returning your rental car at the Kahului airport can result in additional fees, such as airport taxes and surcharges. By having your rental car delivered to your resort, you can avoid these fees.
  5. Hassle – Headache Free – Having your car rental in Maui delivered to you also starts your journey back home on the right foot. Purely priceless

Island EV Offers Car Rental Delivery

In conclusion, returning a rental car to the airport after your Maui vacation can be a stressful and arduous task, especially when you are pressed for time. Island EV Rentals offers you a convenient and stress-free rental car delivery and pickup service, allowing you to focus on your family and enjoying your Maui vacation. Book your rental car with Island EV Rentals today and experience the convenience of having your rental car delivered to your resort.

Need a Private Taxi or Shuttle Service to and from the Airport?

Rideshare Services

One popular option for getting to and from the airport is to use a rideshare service. Companies like Uber and Lyft are available on Maui and can be accessed through their respective apps. Using a rideshare service can be a convenient and cost-effective way to get around the island, especially if you’re traveling solo or with a small group. However, rideshare services can sometimes be less reliable than other transportation options, so it’s important to plan accordingly and allow extra time for potential delays.

Taxi Services

Another option for transportation to and from the airport is a traditional taxi service. There are several taxi companies operating on Maui, including AAA Taxi and Maui Taxi. Taxis can be hailed at the airport or booked in advance through the company’s website or phone number. Taxis can be a good choice for those who prefer a more direct and personalized mode of transportation, but they can be more expensive than rideshare or shuttle services.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are another option for getting to and from Kahului Airport. Several shuttle companies operate on the island, including Roberts Hawaii and SpeediShuttle. These services typically offer shared rides with other passengers and may make stops at multiple locations, so they may not be the fastest option. However, shuttle services can be more cost-effective than taxis and can provide a more comfortable ride than a rideshare service.

Choosing the Right Option for You

When deciding on transportation to and from Kahului Airport, it’s important to consider your budget, travel plans, and personal preferences. If you value convenience and don’t mind paying a bit more, a taxi or rideshare service may be the best choice. If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind sharing a ride with others, a shuttle service may be the way to go. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and what works best for your individual needs.

No matter which option you choose, make sure to plan ahead and book your transportation in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. And if you’re staying in West or South Maui, consider Island EV Rentals for their convenient car rental and airport delivery options. With so many transportation options available, getting to and from Kahului Airport on Maui has never been easier. Enjoy your trip!