Island EV Rentals & the Hawaii State Department of Transportation reminds parents and those responsible for transporting young children to heed the new child passenger restraint law.

What parents and others transporting keiki in Hawaii need to know about ACT 122. Act 122 amends requirements for child passenger restraint by requiring rear-facing child safety seats for children less than two years of age, increases the age through which a child must use a child passenger restraint or booster seat to 10 years old, and raises fines for certain violations.



Does My Child (Keiki) Require a Booster Seat?

If the child is 7 years or older, but less than 10 years of age, the person operating the vehicle shall be exempt from restraining the child in a child passenger restraint system with harness or booster seat that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards at the time of manufacture if the child is correctly restrained by a lap and shoulder seat assembly; provided the child is over 4 feet 9 inches in height.

An electronic copy of the new law that took effect on June 27, 2022, can be found at

How Old Must You Be to Ride in an Island EV Street Legal LSV?

If law requires your child to ride in a booster seat or child passenger restraint system, then then your child is not authorized to ride as a passenger in our vehicles.

Please abide by the laws. Island EV Rentals rents registered vehicles to the public and operates under Maui County vehicle laws. Any violations will terminate your contract immediately and all fines are to be payable by the renter.