Island EV Rentals boasts a fleet of all electric golf carts on Maui that are registered street legal vehicles and permitted by Maui County as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV). These fun and convenient Evolution electric golf carts can drive on all Maui County roads with a maximum speed limit of 35mph (40mph+ roads NO CAN!).  These luxury, electric golf rental carts in Maui are perfect for exploring coastal Maui (see maps below).

All electric. all power

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old do I need to be in order to operate a LSV from Island EV Rentals?

A1. 25 years of age.

Q2. Do I need to show proof of driver’s license & auto insurance to get rental vehicle to rent from Island EV Rentals.

A2. Yes.

Q3. Do I need to carry my driver’s license and proof of auto insurance when I operate a vehicle rented from Island EV Rentals?

A3. Yes, and Yes. Always. No exceptions.

Q4. Do you have a safety video?

A4. Yes (click here)

Helpful Driving Maps of West, South & East Maui


Maps of Maui

Our EV golf carts can be used primarily to drive the coastal roads of Maui. Luckily this is perfect for people looking to frequent beaches, restaurants, and other coastal activities. If you are located at a resort or other hospitality company along the coast, you might find that our EV golf carts are perfect for all your transportation and sightseeing needs. Our EV golf carts can fit up to 6 passengers comfortably. We have printed maps to offer visitors who want to explore during their week or time in Maui. The reservation process is easy, and the prices are competitive. Reserving with Island EV Rentals could easily mean skipping long lines at the airport and getting the most out of the money you pay. We make getting your Maui rental a breeze.

Island EV Rental's Commitment to Exceptional Hospitality

At Island EV Rentals, we aim to add sustainable and unique experiences to our customer’s vacations. We created Island EV Rentals to stand out from other companies trying to generate noise. At Island EV Rentals, we do not want to create more noise but instead contribute to preserving the peace and beauty of both the environment and relaxing vacation ideals. Our luxury traveling experience offers you the opportunity to make the most of your time in Maui, Hawaii, stress-free and in for more than a few scenic Maui roads. If you are visiting Maui Hawaii, on vacation, you can depend on our team to help you through the renting process, start to finish. We can offer trip recommendations, including vehicle recommendations based on your transportation needs (SUV, compact, jeep, etc). You can also refer to our blog for quick and accessible answers to your questions, such as,

“Which EV is best for my transportation needs in Maui?”

BLOG: SUV Rentals Maui: Electric Compact or Midsize

We can also offer assistance with car types, pick up and drop off, hotel and family vacation FAQs, car rental and car rental deals, car company information, and directions from the airport and cruise ships in Maui, Hawaii.

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