Imagine a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant local culture. Imagine yourself exploring this paradise in a unique, eco-friendly, and fun way: by golf cart! This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know to embark on the ultimate golf cart adventure in beautiful Maui, with a focus on golf cart rental in Maui. From selecting the perfect rental company and golf cart model to planning your route and packing essentials, we’ve got you covered.

The Ultimate Guide to Golf Cart Rental Maui 2023

Short Summary

  • Explore Maui’s landscapes with golf cart rentals for convenience and financial/ecological benefits.
  • Choose rental companies carefully by researching customer reviews, comparing prices & packages, and ensuring insurance & safety features are included.
  • Prepare effectively for your adventure by considering weather conditions, packing essentials, and adhering to etiquette/safety tips when sharing the road.

Exploring Maui by Golf Cart

Golf cart rentals offer a unique way to experience the island of Maui. With advantages such as convenience, affordability, and eco-friendliness, these vehicles provide a fresh perspective on exploring the Valley Isle. Ideal locations for golf cart use include picturesque beaches, tranquil parks, and luxurious resorts. However, regulations vary by county, so check local laws before renting.

One of the best things about Maui is its diverse landscape, offering everything from volcanic mountains to pristine white-sand beaches. Golf carts give you the flexibility and freedom to explore these breathtaking destinations at your own pace. So whether you’re cruising along the famous Road to Hana or soaking in the sun at Ka’anapali Beach, a golf cart rental is the perfect way to make your Maui vacation unforgettable.

Advantages of Golf Cart Rentals

Renting a golf cart in Maui is often more economical than renting a car or taxi, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Moreover, golf carts are considerably more compact and agile than cars, allowing you to navigate tight spaces and narrow roads easily. This makes them ideal for discovering hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations around the island.

In addition to being cost-effective and flexible, golf cart rentals are also an environmentally friendly choice. Powered by electricity or gas, golf carts have a smaller carbon footprint compared to cars, thus reducing their impact on the beautiful island environment. See our informative blog post, “Rent Electric Cars on Maui For Earth-Friendly Fun” We will give you allt the reasons to embrace the aloha spirit and opt for a greener mode of transportation during your Maui vacation?

Ideal Locations for Golf Cart Use

While golf carts are prohibited on public roads in Hawaii, low-speed vehicles (neighborhood electric vehicles) are allowed. This makes them perfect for resorts, golf courses, and other private properties. Some of the most suitable locations for golf cart use include Maui’s famous beaches, parks, and resort areas. Discover a secluded cove, venture into a lush botanical garden, or simply enjoy the convenience of zipping around your resort in style.

See our blog post – Golf Cart Maps of Maui in our blog post, “Where Can I Drive Golf Carts on Maui?

In addition to these popular areas, golf carts can also be used to explore smaller commuter airports, such as Kapalua Airport in West Maui. This allows for easy transportation between different parts of the island, enabling you to make the most of your time in paradise. With a golf cart at your disposal, the possibilities for adventure are endless!

Golf Cart Rental Regulations

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the local regulations governing golf cart rentals in Maui. As mentioned earlier, golf carts are prohibited on public roadways in Hawaii, but low speed (neighborhood electric vehicles) are permitted. Furthermore, if you plan on visiting Waianapanapa State Park, remember that reservations are required for all visiting tourists and commercial vehicles as of March 1, 2021. Parking for visitors from outside the state will be charged a fee of $10. This fee must be paid before parking the vehicle.

By adhering to these regulations, you’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable golf cart adventure in Maui. It’s always a good idea to double-check with your rental company for any specific rules or guidelines they may have in place. This way, you can focus on creating unforgettable memories as you explore the breathtaking beauty of the Valley Isle.

Choosing the Right Golf Cart Rental Company

golf cart at wailea

Finding the perfect golf cart rental company is crucial for your Maui adventure. To make an informed decision, research customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of service and reliability of various rental companies. Remember that pricing and package options may differ depending on the company, so compare different offers to get the most value for your money. Finally, ensure the company provides insurance and safety features, such as liability coverage and roadside assistance.

We recommend starting your search online to check for customer reviews and testimonials. While our search did not yield specific reviews for Maui golf cart rental companies, broadening your search to include low-speed vehicle rental companies may provide you with more information. Remember, a little research goes a long way in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable golf cart experience in Maui.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings offer valuable insights into the quality of service, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction of golf cart rental companies. These reviews can help you decide and select the best company for your needs.

Our search identified several golf cart rental companies in Maui, including 808 Rides, Island EV Rentals, and Golf Cart Hawaii Sales & Service. However, no customer reviews, or ratings were found for these companies. Consider contacting the companies directly for references or testimonials from previous clients in such cases. This will help you choose a trustworthy rental company for your Maui adventure.

Pricing and Package Options

Pricing and package options for golf cart rentals in Maui may vary depending on the rental company. Some companies may offer discounts for extended rentals or special packages for groups and families. For example, the rental fee for a 4-seater electric golf cart in Maui is $40 per day, with an additional $100 fee for delivery and collection of carts on the Kohala Coast.

You can compare and contrast our rates at the Island EV Fleet Page

When comparing pricing and package options, consider factors such as the duration of your rental, the number of passengers, and any additional amenities or services you may require. By doing so, you’ll be able to find the best deal to suit your needs and budget, ensuring a memorable golf cart adventure in Maui.

Insurance and Safety Features

Insurance coverage and safety features are important factors when choosing a golf cart rental company in Maui. Most rental companies provide general liability coverage for bodily injury, giving you peace of mind during your trip.

Additionally, ensure the rental company offers safety features such as a reinforced tubular frame, electronic speed-sensitive steering, rearview mirrors, seat belts, and turn signals. These features protect you and your passengers and ensure you comply with local regulations and safety standards.

Golf Cart Models and Features

When selecting a golf cart for your Maui adventure, consider factors such as seating capacity, electric vs. gas-powered golf carts, and additional amenities and accessories. Considering these factors, you can choose the perfect golf cart model to suit your needs, making your trip comfortable, enjoyable, and stress-free.

From two-seater models ideal for couples to spacious eight-seater options for larger groups, a golf cart model suits every traveler’s needs. Weigh the pros and cons of electric and gas-powered golf carts, and consider any additional amenities such as sunshades, coolers, or storage baskets to enhance your golf cart experience.

Seating Capacity

Golf cart models come in various seating capacities, ranging from two-seater options for couples to six-seater models for larger groups or families. When choosing a golf cart with the appropriate seating capacity, consider the number of passengers you’ll need to accommodate, the size of the golf cart, and the terrain you expect to traverse.

Selecting a suitable seating capacity ensures everyone in your group has a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway or a family embarking on a fun-filled adventure, the suitable golf cart model can make all the difference in your Maui vacation.

Electric vs. Gas-Powered Golf Carts

When choosing between electric and gas-powered golf carts, it’s essential to understand the differences and benefits of each. Electric golf carts are quieter, produce no emissions, and are more eco-friendly, making them perfect for exploring Maui’s pristine environment. They are generally more reliable and have fewer moving components, resulting in less maintenance.

On the other hand, gas-powered golf carts offer more speed and power, which may benefit certain terrains or longer excursions. By weighing the pros and cons of each type, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable golf cart adventure in Maui.

Additional Amenities and Accessories

To further enhance your golf cart experience, consider additional amenities and accessories available for golf carts. Sunshades protect from Maui’s tropical sun, while coolers help keep your food and beverages chilled during your excursion. Storage baskets, such as beach gear or hiking essentials, are handy for storing your belongings.

Some golf cart rental companies may also provide extra amenities like pool access, bicycles, beach supplies, and WiFi. These added features can make your golf cart adventure even more enjoyable and convenient, allowing you to focus on exploring the breathtaking beauty of Maui.

Preparing for Your Golf Cart Adventure

Before embarking on your golf cart adventure in Maui, it’s essential to plan your route, consider weather conditions, and pack the essentials. Preparing ensures a smooth and unforgettable experience as you explore Maui’s captivating landscapes and attractions.

Whether cruising along the Road to Hana, venturing through Haleakala National Park, or simply exploring the picturesque beaches and parks, a well-planned golf cart adventure allows you to make the most of your time in Maui. So grab your map, check the weather forecast, and start packing for the ultimate golf cart experience!

Route Planning

When planning your golf cart adventure in Maui, it’s essential to consider the landscape and intended destinations. As golf carts are not permitted on public roadways, plan your route, accordingly, focusing on resorts, golf courses, and other private properties where golf carts are allowed.

Visit popular attractions like the Road to Hana, Ka’anapali Beach, or the West Maui Mountains. Alternatively, explore off-the-beaten-path destinations to discover hidden gems and gain unique insights into the local culture. Planning your route ensures a seamless and enjoyable golf cart adventure in Maui.

Weather Considerations

Maui’s warm tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 75-85°F (23-29°C) all year round, makes it an ideal destination for golf cart adventures. However, it’s crucial to consider weather conditions when planning your trip. December is a great time to visit, with comfortable ocean temperatures averaging 75°F, while March is the rainiest month.

Hurricane season in Maui lasts from June to November, so be prepared for possible storms. Always check weather forecasts before setting out on your golf cart adventure, and pack appropriate clothing and gear, such as a light raincoat, for unexpected showers.

Preparing for various weather conditions can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience exploring the island.

Maui Now is a great resource to find out the local weather conditions in Maui.

Packing Essentials

Packing the right items is crucial for a successful golf cart adventure in Maui. Essential items include a collapsible cooler, light raincoat, day pack, sturdy hiking shoes or sandals, bug spray, reusable water bottle, adventure camera, and portable charger

In addition to these essentials, don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and a waterproof phone case to protect yourself and your belongings from Maui’s tropical sun and occasional rain showers. By packing smartly and efficiently, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your golf cart adventure in Maui.

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Golf Cart Etiquette and Safety Tips

Following proper etiquette and safety tips is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable golf cart experience in Maui. This includes obeying traffic rules, parking, charging your golf cart responsibly, and sharing the road with other vehicles and pedestrians.

By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll protect yourself and your passengers and contribute to a safer and more pleasant environment for all. So, buckle up, drive safely, and enjoy the unique experience of exploring Maui by golf cart!

Obeying Traffic Rules

While golf carts are prohibited on public roads in Hawaii, low-speed vehicles (neighborhood electric vehicles) are permitted. Golf carts should not be driven at speeds exceeding 15 mph or on a highway with a speed limit higher than 20 mph. It’s also necessary for all operators to possess a valid license issued in accordance with the laws of the State of Hawaii to operate a passenger car or to be exempt from such licensing requirements.

Adhering to these traffic regulations ensures a safe and enjoyable golf cart adventure in Maui. Safety comes first; being mindful of traffic rules will help you navigate the island smoothly and efficiently.

Obeying Traffic Rules

When parking and charging your golf cart in Maui, it’s important to follow any specific guidelines provided by the rental company. Park in designated areas and adhere to all safety guidelines to ensure your golf cart is adequately secured and charged for your next adventure.

Electric golf carts offer the benefit of being emission-free and cost-effective, making them ideal for island exploration. By parking and charging responsibly, you’ll protect your golf cart and contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment in Maui.

Sharing the Road

When sharing the road with other vehicles and pedestrians in Maui, it’s crucial to drive safely and yield to others when necessary. Be especially cautious around residential areas, schools, and parks, where children and families may be present.

By practicing proper golf cart etiquette and being mindful of others on the road, you’ll contribute to a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone. So, embrace the aloha spirit as you embark on your golf cart adventure in Maui!


In summary, exploring Maui by golf cart offers a unique, eco-friendly, and enjoyable way to experience the island’s diverse landscape and attractions. By choosing the right rental company, selecting the perfect golf cart model, and planning your route and packing essentials, you’ll be well-prepared for an unforgettable adventure.

So why not embark on a golf cart adventure in Maui? With the right preparation and mindset, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime as you explore the breathtaking beauty of the Valley Isle. Safe travels, and happy exploring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you rent a golf cart in 30A?

Overall, renting a golf cart in 30A is an excellent option. The Rental Shop 30A offers convenient rates and delivers free to many parts of the area, making it easy to take advantage of 30A’s natural beauty and explore at your own pace.

With daily and weekly options available, you can make the most of your trip and get where you need to go without hassle.

Enjoy exploring the island and the resort with your rented golf cart!

Is Maui Hawaii expensive?

Based on the information provided, Maui, Hawaii, is quite expensive. It can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $18,000+ for a trip.

For those on a tighter budget, it might be best to look for cheaper alternatives.

Booking With Island EV Rentals

Maui is known for its breathtaking beaches, charming towns, and scenic coastal drives. With Island EV Rentals Golf Cart Rentals, you can effortlessly cruise along the coastal roads, enjoying the warm breeze and panoramic views. These electric golf carts are quiet and emission-free and allow you to effortlessly explore narrow streets and access areas that larger vehicles may be unable to reach.

Whether you’re staying in Lahaina, Kaanapali, or another beautiful town on the island, Island EV Rentals offers a range of golf cart options to suit your needs. From sleek and compact models perfect for solo adventures to spacious carts that accommodate your family or friends, a golf cart rental fits every occasion.

The benefits of choosing Island EV Rentals for your golf cart must extend beyond the stylish and practical vehicles they provide. Their dedicated staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to assist you in making the most of your Maui experience. They can recommend popular attractions, hidden gems, and scenic routes to ensure you have an unforgettable adventure on the island.

Renting a golf cart from Island EV Rentals allows you to explore independently. Take a leisurely drive along the famous Road to Hana, stopping at waterfalls and lookout points. Cruise through charming towns and soak in the local atmosphere, hop off to browse shops, grab a bite to eat, or simply relax by the beach. With a golf cart, you can create your itinerary and make the most of your time in paradise.

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