You’ve booked your ideal vacation on Maui. You’ve got the perfect accommodations set and you can almost feel the ocean breeze already. It’s time to arrange for your vehicle, and you deserve a ride that is just your speed and vibe.

However, before you do, ask yourself… how far are we going and for how long? If you want to go on many cross-island excursions we’d be happy to advise you on how our golf carts can supplement your more traditional rental vehicle during your stay.

Renting a golf cart

Are you planning to primarily stay local to your accommodations, taking in our preferred areas, neighborhoods, restaurants, grocery stores and the people who make these places so special? That’s where our golf carts really shine.

Here’s why the zero-emission electric golf carts from Island EV Rentals are exactly what you need.

Renting a golf cart from Island EV Rentals is the low-stress option on Maui

When you arrive at the airport on Maui, go ahead and bypass the chaotic car rental counter. Take the shuttle or hop in an Uber to whisk you away to your real destination.

If you’re staying at many of the most popular resorts in West Maui or South Maui, you’re likely within our pick-up and drop off zones. For our customers staying outside of these areas we are happy to arrange delivery of your golf cart.

Once you’ve got your rental, it’s time to take in island life. Our golf carts are all street-legal for roads with speed limits up to 35 miles per hour. We have a range of vehicles that seat 4 or 6 passengers; both are easy to park and easy to charge, requiring only a normal 110v outlet and our included adapter and extension cord. With a 35-40 mile range, you can enjoy plenty of fun in between charging up.

Make sure you REALLY see Maui by renting a golf cart

Don’t get cooped up in a stuffy compact rental car. When you’re touring the island in our golf carts you’ll have the full island vibe. Full visibility to take in the breathtaking ocean views with the breeze to cool you and the experience to chill you out to the max.

Our golf carts are low speed vehicles, which is exactly the speed we like on an island getaway. You drive your car every day at home – it might even feel like you live in it sometimes… why do the same while in the Hawaiian islands?

Here’s some of our recommendations on where to take your golf cart (and where you can’t):

Staying in Wailea or Makena? Then enjoy the ability to drive our vehicles from your resort throughout all of South Maui & Kihei. Just note that SR Hwy 31 and Piilani Hwy are prohibited.

Staying in Lahaina or Launiupoko on the West Side of Maui? Drive to and from Lahaina town and Launiupoko Beach Park using the lower beach road (SR Hwy 30). 

Want to hit town shops, historical landmarks, the Lahaina Harbor and check out some entertainment? Then take in all of what Front Street in Lahaina town has to offer while driving an Island EV Rental cart (Insert image or video). Enjoyable definitely, but even more important…other than a bicycle you will not find a more convenient way to find parking for the family.

If Kapalua is more your thing, then explore all of the picturesque beaches, bays, restaurants, shops and essentials along Lower Honoapiilani Road all the way down to North Kaanapali.

Note, our carts cannot be driven from Lahaina to Kaanapali as there is a stretch of SR Hwy 30 that exceeds 35 mph in between the two areas. The same goes for driving between the Kaanapali & Kapalua Resorts as SR Hwy 30 exceeds 35 mph to the north of Kaanapali.

Staying in Hana? Sightsee and experience parts of the Hana Highway (SR 360) such as Wainapapa State Park, Venus Pools, Wailua Falls or Oheo Gulch in the open air and silence of an Island EV Rentals cart. Note that delivery fees to Hana differ from all other parts of the island.

For more driving area details, check out our maps of where you can drive.

The only restriction in a golf cart might be to your benefit

Island EV Rentals are street-legal vehicles on roads with maximum speeds of 35 mph. Between that and the 40 mile battery range, it’s true that you can’t see the WHOLE island from the driver’s seat of our golf carts.

However, for the seasoned Hawaii traveler or part time resident that lives and plays close to where they stay, our golf carts are the more ENJOYABLE & CONVENIENT solution. Not a veteran visitor of Hawaii yet? Let our golf carts and welcoming staff show you how we enjoy our island.

Ready to book? Need more information?

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